About Impatient Designer

Impatient Designer started in mid-2014 by me as a side project to share with the world my ramblings about design, coding, and marketing.

This site was written purely in good old PHP and driven by MySQL. The reason why I did a custom job instead of using a CMS was to practice PHP & MySQL since it was fairly new to me when I started this site.

All the illustrations were by me as well. I either used Illustrator, Blender, or my pen tablet in Photoshop to create them.

So why's the site called Impatient Designer? Personally, I'm artistic so I'm actually far from being impatient. But I'm impatient when it comes to blogging, in the sense that I don't have the patience to write nonsense articles just for the sake of blogging. I don't want to waste your time with link bait. Every article on here is the product of careful planning and a genuine interest to help others.

About Me

I've been creating websites since 1998. I did it just for fun until 2003 when I decided to pursue it professionally. In 2005 I got a BFA in Visual Communications. As my skills matured I grew an interest for marketing. In 2012 I got a Masters in Internet Marketing. As for web development and programming, I've always known as much as a senior web designer should, but it was until early 2014 that I finally learned it and could label myself a web developer.

In my spare time, I'm a digital artist and 3D hobbyist. When I'm not on the computer I'm obsessing over movies, super heroes, anime, classic gaming, and sci-fi entertainment. I love animals and any dessert with Oreo cookies :)